Dave Kinnear

Dave joined our team in January 2015 and is our Plant Engineer and Store Coordinator. He has extensive experience of working with factory machinery and has experience servicing peat moss equipment. With almost 40 years of experience working with machinery, he is a pivotal member of our team, constantly ensuring everything is in working order. […]

Thai Millard

Thai started working for OpenSpace in February 2015 and is now our chainsaw operator within the Habitat and Conservation team. He continues to build on his experience and skills and is proud of being a part of a respected conservation team. Thai has a passion for music creation and plays the drums in his spare […]

Luke Bryant

Luke joined OpenSpace in September 2015 as the Contracts Project Manager, having previously worked as a project manager at a non-profit NGO in Cumbria. Coming from a background in outdoor education and activities, he has always had a passion for working outdoors and improving the natural environment. Combining practical conservation work with managing projects across […]

Vicky Griffin

Vicky joined OpenSpace in March 2011 as Consultant Ecologist. She has a BSc. (Hons) in Wildlife Conservation from Liverpool John Moores University. Vicky specialises in bat ecology and has worked with exotic and domestic animals, as well as wild native species. She is passionate about wildlife and as an active member of the Cumberland Bat […]

Patryk Gruba

Patryk has been a Consultant Ecologist at OpenSpace since 2010. He graduated from the University of Rzeszow, Poland, with BSc. in Modelling Natural Environment, and University of Cumbria with BSc. in Environment & Sustainability. Patryk is an associate member of CIEEM and holds NE & SNH survey licences for bats and great crested newt. Patryk […]

Welcome to OpenSpace

Coronavirus – At this current time – March 2020 – we are experiencing very difficult times and the importance to follow Government advice about social distancing and self-isolation is our main consideration. To respond to the current crisis OpenSpace is suspending all our ecological surveys which relate to entering buildings or where survey locations bring […]